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Material Services

Material Service executes a wide range of functions under the banners of procurement, logistics, warehousing and supply chain management.

Material Services is responsible for Just-In-Time delivery of tier one finished goods to six Auto Manufacturing Plants in Canada and the US. Along with a variety of other tier two companies within Canada, the US and Mexico. A majority of these shipments are organized in a manner that ties directly to the auto manufacturing sequence. This operation is executed with the expected zero missed or late deliveries to the customer.

At the opposite end of the chain we are responsible for transportation, receipt, storage, crossdocking (intercompany) and final production line delivery of all inbound vendor parts and inhouse metal forming production. This includes an Automated Storage/Retrieval System (ASRS) that has robotic cranes performing picks and putaways following standard FIFO requirements.

F&P maintains an aftermarket service parts packaging warehouse, where packaging occurs in expendables, for direct shipment to dealer network distribution centers. This Service team takes pride in their excellent track record for customer satisfaction.

Our Capabilities